Sunday Morning Magazine #2 2011


Sunday Morning Magazine #2 2011 is now online! As usual I’ve made the layout work and this time I also contribute with a series of three documentary photos and one goat montage…

I’m in the making of a new proper website for the magazine, but it’s available for reading at the old, ugly and temporary, enjoy!


(Cover photo by Katarina Andersson)

Things is starting to roll again

Photography in general has been on a hold for a while now for me, but now things are slowly starting to roll again.
Some days ago i photographed event photos in Mitt i city, met a lot of fun people that day – thanks to you all! Otherwise some projects are in the making, first to be finished will be a new issue of Sunday Morning Magazine + a new proper website. Some projects are more or less in planning, I hope most of them will turn into action during this autumn. :)

Well, here’s some photos from the Mitt i city event to end this post.