Some of the photos from the latest issue of Tryck (sadly, the new issue hasn’t been uploaded when I’m writing this though)!


I’m going to eat one of these right know, yum yum!

Exhibition: Deje

If you are visiting Karlstad the nearest month I recommend you to visit the museum and look at the exhibition “Dejes bruk” were I’m participating! :)
More info:



I visited my grandma this weekend.

Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a new project I’ve made with my old class mates from Broby Grafiska. It’s a photo (web) magazine and now has the first issue been released!

My contribution, a series of fashion photos: “Om du möter varg”.

The magazine is produced by me (even if graphic design might not be my strongest talent), I’m also in charge of the website and a new, complete site will be released later on. :)


Studio equipment test/Portfolio shot/Very good tasting beer.

Last weeks sum up

I have almost to much to do right now and that’s why I haven’t written anything here for a while. But here’s a little sum up:
Quick job for NWT
– Work with upcoming photo magazine “Sunday morning magazine”.
– Event and fashion show photography in Mitt i city during “Tjejkvällen“, can be seen on Mitt i city’s website or their facebook page. I also became a movie star thanks to Kanal 12. Met lots of nice people that evening! :)
– New equipment arrived that I had to test, will make a new post after this with a photo.

Some photos from Mitt i city:

Ladies night

Photographed Ladies night for NWT. Link

Own growed vegetables series