Personal project, a very fun day out in stormy conditions! :)


Photographing children isn’t even close to my main focus as a photographer but sometimes I do. One of the funniest things about working as a freelance is the variety of assignments. Sometimes you need to do something different then you usually do, to develop how you work and think.
Here’s a couple of photos I took of a little adorable girl called Elina! :)

Dead flowers

Some photos

Hi there!
Not much shooting going on right now. I’m mostly planning future projects and my computer broke down a while ago, hence the lack of updates. But now I have a new super nice computer installed so here’s atleast some shoots to share, even if it’s nothing serious. :)

18yr old Bowmore

Equipment test with a nice whisky, made some weeks ago! :)

Latest issue of Tryck

A couple of weeks late but I’ve had my reasons.
More photos in the portfolio. View the entire magazine here.


Some of the photos from the latest issue of Tryck (sadly, the new issue hasn’t been uploaded when I’m writing this though)!


I’m going to eat one of these right know, yum yum!


Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a new project I’ve made with my old class mates from Broby Grafiska. It’s a photo (web) magazine and now has the first issue been released!

My contribution, a series of fashion photos: “Om du möter varg”.

The magazine is produced by me (even if graphic design might not be my strongest talent), I’m also in charge of the website and a new, complete site will be released later on. :)