There’s not much going on during the summer but here’s to more Wermland photos.


I’ve been thinking on doing a documentary project in a bigger scale and this is the first photos from that project. It’s called “Wermland” and it’s just documentation of the landscape I grew up and live in.
I’m not the first photographer working on the subject but I really don’t care about that “issue”, as every photographer has his/her own vision and photographic style.
I don’t know how long I will work on this, it might be a year or ten years – or until I retire. And I don’t have any particular style, goal or anything like that in mind. It will “become what it becomes”…

Deje part two

Final photos.

Deje part one

A few weeks back I visited the old paper mill in Deje that is being demolished and documented it for Värmlands museum.

Scotland part four

Last photos from Scotland, all from Glasgow this time.

Scotland part three

Black & White from now on. :)

Scotland part two

Scotland part one

Last weekend I traveled to Scotland, to Islay to be precise. It’s an island in the southwest that’s famous for it’s whiskey distilleries. It was a lovely trip, Scotland is such a nice country! I went there with my family and we visited five different distilleries, with the result of me turning out a whiskey drinker.
Between all the distillery tours I took a lot of photos of course..