Sunday Morning Magazine #2 2011


Sunday Morning Magazine #2 2011 is now online! As usual I’ve made the layout work and this time I also contribute with a series of three documentary photos and one goat montage…

I’m in the making of a new proper website for the magazine, but it’s available for reading at the old, ugly and temporary, enjoy!


(Cover photo by Katarina Andersson)

Latest issue of Tryck

A couple of weeks late but I’ve had my reasons.
More photos in the portfolio. View the entire magazine here.


Some of the photos from the latest issue of Tryck (sadly, the new issue hasn’t been uploaded when I’m writing this though)!

Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a new project I’ve made with my old class mates from Broby Grafiska. It’s a photo (web) magazine and now has the first issue been released!

My contribution, a series of fashion photos: “Om du möter varg”.

The magazine is produced by me (even if graphic design might not be my strongest talent), I’m also in charge of the website and a new, complete site will be released later on. :)