Some photos

Hi there!
Not much shooting going on right now. I’m mostly planning future projects and my computer broke down a while ago, hence the lack of updates. But now I have a new super nice computer installed so here’s atleast some shoots to share, even if it’s nothing serious. :)


I’ve been thinking on doing a documentary project in a bigger scale and this is the first photos from that project. It’s called “Wermland” and it’s just documentation of the landscape I grew up and live in.
I’m not the first photographer working on the subject but I really don’t care about that “issue”, as every photographer has his/her own vision and photographic style.
I don’t know how long I will work on this, it might be a year or ten years – or until I retire. And I don’t have any particular style, goal or anything like that in mind. It will “become what it becomes”…

Scotland part one

Last weekend I traveled to Scotland, to Islay to be precise. It’s an island in the southwest that’s famous for it’s whiskey distilleries. It was a lovely trip, Scotland is such a nice country! I went there with my family and we visited five different distilleries, with the result of me turning out a whiskey drinker.
Between all the distillery tours I took a lot of photos of course..


(and some trees)


Photo from the archive

I’ve been asked by a company for some nature photos that they can use for web and print so I’ve looked in my archive and found this one that I shot last autumn, quite cool sky :)