Personal project, a very fun day out in stormy conditions! :)

Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a new project I’ve made with my old class mates from Broby Grafiska. It’s a photo (web) magazine and now has the first issue been released!

My contribution, a series of fashion photos: “Om du möter varg”.

The magazine is produced by me (even if graphic design might not be my strongest talent), I’m also in charge of the website and a new, complete site will be released later on. :)


In between dreams

This Sunday my class held a vernissage and book release at [KG52] in Stockholm. It’s our examination project called In Between Dreams.
The event has been a big success and it’s still possible to see it as Thursday is the last day of the exhibition!

Here’s some photos from the vernissage:

More montages

I’ve done some more montages lately to raise my skills. I proudly present dinohunt and earring at sea:



Inbetween dreams

Check out my school class project Inbetween dreams! I’ve just released the site. :)
And by the way, me and Martin had a kick ass day at Duvanhuset yesterday. We edited some photos today and we were very happy with the result!