Last post

As I’m doing so much else than photography now a days this blog is for no use so this will be the last post.
I’m working on a new portfolio but it will take time, meanwhile I’ve launched a temporary portfolio.

Most recent work:

Dead flowers

18yr old Bowmore

Equipment test with a nice whisky, made some weeks ago! :)

Latest issue of Tryck

A couple of weeks late but I’ve had my reasons.
More photos in the portfolio. View the entire magazine here.


Some of the photos from the latest issue of Tryck (sadly, the new issue hasn’t been uploaded when I’m writing this though)!



Studio equipment test/Portfolio shot/Very good tasting beer.

Own growed vegetables series


Couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beauty, a Laphroaig Cáirdeas (limited edition).

Yummy! :D