Latest issue of Tryck

A couple of weeks late but I’ve had my reasons.
More photos in the portfolio. View the entire magazine here.


Some of the photos from the latest issue of Tryck (sadly, the new issue hasn’t been uploaded when I’m writing this though)!

Last weeks sum up

I have almost to much to do right now and that’s why I haven’t written anything here for a while. But here’s a little sum up:
Quick job for NWT
– Work with upcoming photo magazine “Sunday morning magazine”.
– Event and fashion show photography in Mitt i city during “Tjejkv√§llen“, can be seen on Mitt i city’s website or their facebook page. I also became a movie star thanks to Kanal 12. Met lots of nice people that evening! :)
– New equipment arrived that I had to test, will make a new post after this with a photo.

Some photos from Mitt i city:

Website release

My friend and colleague Martin have been in big need of a new website. He asked me for help and today he released his new site, designed and programmed by me. :)
Check it out,


I hate when some dumb ass gets the idea to cut the grass 7 a clock in the morning!

I have some good news though, my planned job in Stockholm finally seems to come off!